Nancy Munyeki

Programme Assistant

Delivering new sorghum and finger millet innovations for food security and improving livelihoods in Eastern Africa.

Sorghum and finger millet have been essential staple foods in the semi-arid tropics of Africa for centuries. In eastern Africa, they form an important part of diets of people in Ethiopia, southern Sudan, northern Kenya and Uganda. More

Enhancing food security through improved seed systems of appropriate varieties of cassava, potato and sweet potatoes.

Cassava, potato and sweet potato are three important cash and food crops, which can provide food security and adaptation to climate change in the sub-Saharan region. These crops have common productivity challenges and key among them is the lack of an efficient seed system to deliver clean planting materials to the smallholder famers that are drought and disease resistant and adaptable to specific agro-ecological zones. More

Value added bean technologies for enhancing food security, nutrition, income and resilience to cope with climate change and variability challenges in eastern Africa.

Change in consumer lifestyle and preferences has changed over time with a growing middle class in the region that is demanding a wider range of canned bean products, and preference for fast cooking products. More

Sustainable utilization of agro-industrial wastes through integration of bio-energy and mushroom production.

As African countries strive to shift from primarily agrarian economies to industrial based bio-economies as the engine for growth, underpinned by value addition, environmental management will be key for sustainable development.

Integrated process for sustainable agro-process waste treatment and climate change mitigation in Eastern Africa.

In the eastern Africa region agriculture and industrial processing are viewed as the main drivers for economic growth. However, these sectors are associated with environmental degradation due to the unsustainable utilization of land and water resources, discharge of untreated or partially treated waste water to the environment, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and consequently climate change.

Use of biosciences for value addition and diversification to enhance commercialisation of sorghum and millet products.

Sorghum and finger millet are two traditional crops that are deeply rooted in agricultural and food systems of the people of eastern Africa.

Bio-enhanced seeds and seedlings for East Africa.

Peri-urban agriculture constitutes one of the fastest growing markets in the humid tropics, supplying income to producers and food to urban populations.
Bio-pesticide Innovations