1. The online form does provide the provision for me to save information as I work on it. How can I return to the form when I need to finish my application?

The online form allows you to complete your application in one go. We have created a template to help you fill and work with your concept offline before you return to complete the online form. The template includes all project information that you will need to fill and complete the online form. You can download the template by clicking on this link http://bioinnovate-africa.org/wp-content/uploads/Concept_Note_Template.docx.


  1. My proposed project and team members will be drawn from one country. Do we qualify for funding in this first call?

The BioInnovate Programme will not fund teams that have proposed projects only from one country. The Programme will only support projects that have a regional collaborative approach i.e. a project is should be implemented in at least two (2) BioInnovate eligible countries. The countries are: Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This implies that a Project X will have institutional team members based in at least two (2) countries with each one complimenting the other to address a regional challenge.


  1. Will BioInnovate Africa Programme support individual scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs or institutions?

The Programme only works and supports projects through institutions/organizations.


  1. What do you mean by individuals outside the BioInnovate countries can only be collaborators in the project?

A collaborator in a BioInnovate project can either be a scientist, researcher or innovator who works outside BioInnovate countries. They can participate in the project through the unique expertise they bring or resources they will contribute to the project.  


  1. Is it important to include a private sector company in the team composition for category 1 grant applications?

Yes, it is important to include a private sector company as part of the partners your proposed project will be working with otherwise your concept note will be disqualified. This grant will support projects piloted through private firms. A private firm may consist of private companies, nonprofit organizations with links to small holder farmer communities; legally registered farmer groups etc.

  1. Is matching support on a strict 1:1 basis with the total budget of the proposed project?

Matching support is NOT on a strict 1:1 basis. It is based on 25% of the total budget. This means that a project applying for USD $100,000 grant will contribute USD $25,000 as matching support. This contribution may be shared by all the team members, including the private sector partner in the project.


  1. Is it only private sector partners in a team that contribute 25 percent matching support?

All team members contribute to matching support either in-kind or in-cash. The private sector partner is part of the team and can share this 25 percent matching support with the other team members.


  1. Can a viable biobased technology from a country outside the BioInnovate countries qualify to be funded as a pilot project?

Yes, a viable biobased technology from another country outside the BioInnovate countries can qualify for BioInnovate grants.

  1. Are we required to submit a detailed budget for the concept note?

No detailed budget is required at this stage. The concept note is intended to provide us with initial information on your project ideas and as such, you can provide a simplified budget framework in the concept note template with the following line items: personnel, equipment, travel and Subsistence, other goods and services and overhead costs.

  1. Does staff time qualify as an eligible cost and can it be included in the budget?

Staff time may be included in the budget. It will be considered based on the institutional payroll policies of the applicant. Every effort shall be made to avoid double payment of salaries.