Our Vision

To develop into a program of excellence that contributes to sustainable and integrated utilization of bio-resources for economic growth and development of Eastern Africa.

Our Focus

The application of bio-resource innovations to support sustainable growth and transformation of the agricultural and environmental subsectors from primary production to value addition, while enhancing adaptability to climatic change and strengthening innovation policy.  The 9 projects consortia are comprised of a range of value chain actors critical to span the process from science to production and markets.


The Bio-Innovate strategy involves creating a platform that brings together a range of value chain actors critical to drive bio-resources and biosciences innovation to the market place and/or end user. The strategy is designed to be user-, market-, and development-oriented in order to make a difference ‘on the ground’ supporting poverty alleviation, wealth creation and sustainable economic growth in Eastern Africa. To achieve this goal, Bio-Innovate is partnering with scientists, private sector, non-governmental organizations and other development actors.

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen crop innovation systems to improve productivity and enhance food and nutrition security in the region.

  • To develop and promote innovations on sustainable waste treatment and on securing freshwater resources, on producing bio-energy from renewable bio-resources and on mitigating climatic change.

  • To deliver innovative agricultural, environmental and industrial techniques that stimulate sustainable transformation, utilization and productivity of the region’s bio-resources.

  • To develop and promote innovation policies for sustainable harnessing of bio-resources.

  • To strengthen and operationalize an enabling mechanism for mobilization, catalysis and nurturing of a strong bio-resource and science-led economic growth agenda for Eastern Africa.