Biobusiness Acceleration Boot Camp 18-20 July 2018

Biobusiness Acceleration Boot Camp 18-20 July 2018

In its second phase of implementation, BioInnovate Africa aims to support projects to link biobased technologies to business and the market.

In so doing, capacities of partner institutions, universities and private firms should be developed to effectively translate innovative research ideas and technologies into useful goods and services for societal impact.

Project teams under grant category one will pilot-test innovative biobased technologies collaboratively with private firms. Specifically, private sector companies in the project teams play a central role in taking the technology or product further to the market through direct use in production lines, as additional (complimentary) product offerings and/or as part of their value proposition to target markets.

Of the 51 project partners, 18 are private companies involved as team members in the first cohort of supported projects. Early engagement with the companies will harmonize project roles, responsibilities, expectations from private firms and the scientists, strengthen capacities so that they can effectively introduce the innovative goods and services to the market in a sustainable commercial way.

It is expected that this 3-day intensive program will encourage ownership of the technological solutions by the participating private firms, streamline expectations from scientists and business leaders in implementation of their projects and strengthen capacities of participating firms to commercialize innovative biobased technologies.