The Bio-Innovate Program will organize a three-day training workshop on results-based project and financial management on 29-31 March 2012, at ILRI campus, Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop is an experience-sharing and consultative meeting on project management, monitoring, review and reporting in addition to financial management. It targets program managers, project principal and co-principal investigators as well as finance officers handling Bio-Innovate funds at the implementing partner institutions. The workshop seeks to establish a common understanding among the participants on Results-Based Management (RBM) approach, as a tool for directing and managing programs and projects with a focus on results, as it relates to the Bio-Innovate Program and its consortia projects in eastern Africa. Participants will also be taken through the Bio-Innovate Program Standard Operating Procedures, a framework of practices and regulations developed to guide the implementation of Bio-Innovate supported projects. The workshop sessions will be delivered in a hands-on and interactive format to help participants internalize the RBM concept and its application.

Bio-Innovate aims to apply RBM principles in implementing, monitoring and reporting on achievements and subsequently the outcomes and impacts of the program. The project team leaders and team members will be guided through various RBM tools on project management while financial officers will be guided on fund management procedures and financial transaction record keeping. Skills and knowledge gained from this workshop will empower Bio-Innovate program managers and project implementers towards efficient execution of projects and proper accountability of funds to achieve set milestones and objectives. The Bio-Innovate Program Secretariat has invited Dr Frederick Rick Williams from the Associates for International Management Services from the USA, an internationally acclaimed expert in delivering hands-on training on Results-Based Management practices.