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Launching BA-Fellows Alumnae Network

Launching BA-Fellows Alumnae Network

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The BioInnovate Africa Fellowship for Women Scientists (BA-FWS) was set in March 2018 as a strategy to increase women’s participation in bio-entrepreneurship and bio-innovation in eastern Africa. The Fellowship provides opportunities for early and mid-career women scientists to work with and learn from diverse BA bioeconomy projects and networks in the region.

The BA Fellows Alumnae Network (BA-FAN) is an initiative established in October 2020 to provide a platform for past and present BA Fellows to interact and maintain contact with each other and with BA.


  1. Strengthen the networks, which the Fellows established during the Fellowship.
  2. Create opportunities for women in bioscience research and innovation in eastern Africa.
  3. Support career progression, research initiation, sourcing of funds, collaboration, and innovativeness of women fellows.

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