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Dr Alice Turinawe, Uganda

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Alice is a lecturer in the department of agribusiness and natural resource economics in the college of agricultural and environmental sciences at Makerere University. She is also the director of the agricultural research institute at the university. She holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics and a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics, both from Makerere University. She is involved in research partnerships with a number of local and international organisations and projects, undertaking research in agricultural development interventions and their impact on the welfare of farms and communities, nutrition and food systems, land and property rights, agribusiness value chains, agricultural extension and entrepreneurship in agriculture. She holds various administrative positions at the university including team leader of the Nutrition and Health Research Platform (ANHP) in the department, and chairperson of the scientific committee for the National Agricultural Research Organisation-Makerere University (NARO-MAK) Joint Scientific Conference.