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Cohort 2

Clementine Namazzi, Uganda

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Clementine is a principal research technician in-charge of livestock nutrition laboratory at the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) in Uganda. She has previously participated in several forage research projects in East Africa and is currently involved in a research study on entomopathogenic fungi as a biological control agent in the management of fall armyworm on pasture grasses. As a farmer, she practices techniques acquired from training in animal production/ husbandry, livestock nutrition, artificial insemination, and para-veterinary to manage her dairy animals. She holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Production Chain Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Production. She has also acquired certificates in Para-Veterinary and Artificial Insemination, a diploma in dairy husbandry and management, and further specialised in livestock production chain management from the VanHall University of Professional Education, Wageningen, Netherlands.