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Phase III

Dr John Kagira

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Dr Kagira is the team leader of BioInnovate Africa supported project on development of nano encapsulated-bromelain from pineapple and seafood waste for improved livestock production. He is a biomedical scientist, currently working as a senior lecturer, department of animal sciences, and is also the dean of the school of natural resources and animal sciences at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya. Previously, he has been the chairman of the department of animal sciences at JKUAT. He has research interests ranging from epidemiology and parasitology, development of diagnostic tools and novel drugs for the treatment of animal and zoonotic diseases, and the development of animal models for neglected human tropical diseases. He has an interest in applying the ‘One Health’ approach in his research on the economic importance and control of livestock and zoonotic diseases. He is also implementing collaborative projects on surveillance of antimicrobial resistance, development of novel anthelmintics and antimicrobials, and animal welfare, among others.

Dr. Kagira has over two-decades of exemplary scholarly, research, and administrative experience at different academic and research institutions in Kenya including Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute (KETRI), Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Organization (KARLO) and Institute of Primate Research (IPR).

He holds a Ph.D and a Master of Science degree in Parasitology from the University of Nairobi, and a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from the same institution. Dr  Kagira is an award-winning, prolific researcher ranking as one of the top scientists in Kenya.