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Elsa Beyene, Ethiopia

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Elsa is an industrial biotechnology researcher at the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute. She works on developing and executing industrial biotechnology-related research projects, data collection, and analysis, writing scientific articles to the local and scientific communities, and giving professional consultancy services to stakeholders. Her research focus is on the industrial application of microorganisms, microbial biotechnology, enzyme technology, bacterial biofilms, and exploring novel bioactive molecules. Currently, she is actively participating as a research team leader in two key projects: isolation, screening, and characterization of extremophile lipase producing microorganisms from Lake Bogoria; and developing smart biotechnology processes for the transformation of molasses and bagasse to bioethanol in Ethiopian sugar factories. She holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Microbiology from Addis Ababa University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor from Mekelle University, Ethiopia.