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First bio-innovate regional scientific conference kicks off today

First bio-innovate regional scientific conference kicks off today

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This morning the program’s first gathering of its constituent scientific projects started in Addis Ababa. The three-day event was opened by Theresa Sengooba and aims to share the successes and challenges of implementing Bio-Innovate’s activities in the eastern Africa region.

The program provides a regional, broad-based biosciences innovations platform that links science and technology to the market to address priority regional development challenges. It works through nine bioscience innovation and policy consortia projects to mobilize available science and research findings in the region that are then channeled to increase crop productivity and adaptation to climate change; management of agro-industrial wastes for environmental sustainability and promotion of traditional crops through value addition.

First bio-innovate regional scientific conference

After the official opening, plenary sessions discussed public-private innovations in the program and gave space for networking among participants. In the morning, Program Manager Seyoum Leta explained how Bio-innovate is delivering biosciences innovations to the marketplace, Julius Ecuru from Uganda elaborated on biosciences innovation systems in East Africa, Adolf Olomi from a private company in Tanzania explained how an innovative collaboration between his company and a local university fostered technology diffusion to benefit both his company and the local community.

Finally Denis Kyetere explained how the African Agricultural Technology Foundation catalyzes public-private partnership to make technologies more accessible to farmers. The afternoon panel looked at approaches to applying and integrating biosciences innovations in the socio-economic development of Africa.

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