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Genet Tsegaye, Ethiopia

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Genet is a researcher at the Ethiopian BioTechnology Institute in the environmental biotechnology directorate. She previously worked as a bioenergy technology development design expert at the Oromia Water Mineral Energy Bureau. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Bahir Dar University, and a master’s degree in Energy Technology from Addis Ababa University, and is pursuing her doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering at Addis Ababa University. During her master’s degree research work, she investigated the optimal production of methane from the optimal composition of slaughterhouse waste with the application of boiler and electricity from biogas and developed an anaerobic wastewater treatment mechanism for an industrial abattoir. Her research interests are wastewater treatment and the generation of bioenergy from organic waste. This was put into practice when she assisted in producing energy-efficient charcoal briquettes from sugar industry solid waste at Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute.