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Photo of the month: August 2020

Elsa Beyene, a BioInnovate Africa cohort 2 Fellow, examines an experimental vertical gardening during her visit to icipe.

Photo of the month: August 2020

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On 3 August 2020, women scientists in Eastern Africa who received a six months BioInnovate Africa (BA) Fellowship for research met to discuss how they can enhance collaboration among themselves and their organisations. The main outcome from the meeting was a consensus to prepare a road map for establishing a Network for Women in Bioscience/BA Fellows Alumni Network (BA-FAN). The Alumni Network is to be affinity-based community of women scientists, networking and actively collaborating on biological based research and innovation activities in Eastern Africa. View all the Fellows here. BA Fellowship for Women Scientists offers an opportunity for early and mid-career women scientists in BA participating organisations in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda to work with and contribute to innovative bioeconomy projects supported by BA in Eastern Africa.

Written by Valine Moraa