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UGANDA: Uganda turns beasts into biogas – Reuters News Agency

TANZANIA: Making usa of dirty water – BBC World Service Science in action

UGANDA: Turning waste into electricity – China Central Television Network

TANZANIA: Breakthrough made on clean fuel production – The Citizen

KENYA: New bean variety lights up Kenya’s canning beans industry – Nation Media Group

TANZANIA: Industrial waste to be processed – Into East Africa News Network

TANZANIA: Hybrid technology for industrial waste processing – All Africa News Network

TANZANIA: Joint research for wastewater management – All Africa News Network

ETHIOPIA: Impact of new canning beans – Ethiopia Observer

TANZANIA: Why researchers, innovators and scientists need to work together – IPP Media

KENYA: New bean variety lights up Kenya’s canning beans industry – Nation Media Group

TANZANIA: Putting industrial waste into good use – Sci-Dev global

RWANDA: Durable staking innovations for climbing beans – Peapard Media

UGANDA: Kampala slaughterhouse turns biogas into energy – TWWTN News

KENYA: Generating power from wastewater – Kenya Engineer Journal

UGANDA: Project generates biogas from animal waste – Africa Inside

UGANDA: Turning animal waste to energy – ESI Africa

UGANDA: City Abattoir waste turns into electricity – All Africa News Network

UGANDA: Turning waste into power – ‘How we made it in Africa’ Journal

KENYA: Five new bean varieties developed in Kenya – Africa Farming and Food Processing Journal

KENYA: Kenya welcomes canning bean varieties with shorter cooking time – Farm Biz Africa

KENYA: Using biological control technologies on maize seeds to increase yields for small scale farmers – Agrifeeds Journal

ETHIOPIA: Uganda transforms waste into power – Ethiopia Observer