Improving lives through
sustainable bioinnovations

Phase II

Prof Francis Mulaa

Prof Mulaa is the team leader of BioInnovate Africa supported project that is Using novel enzymes for eco-friendly processing of hides and skins into leather. He is a Professor of Biochemistry and the Principal, college of Biological and Physical Science at the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

He has held various board and committee memberships, and  is currently a member of the Africa Union (AU) taskforce on Science Technology and Innovations (STI) for Covid-19 interventions.

He has published several papers in peer reviewed journals, conferences symposia, book chapters and biosensor research, and has supervised both graduate and post-graduate students.

He holds a Ph.D (department of Biochemistry) from Obafemi Awolowo University, ILE – IFE, Nigeria; a Master in  Science (Department of Biochemistry) from University of Nairobi, Kenya: and a Master in  Science (Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry) from Donestk State University, USSR.