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Provision of Consultancy Service to Design and Deliver a Bioscience Bootcamp for Scientists From Eastern and Central Africa

Provision of Consultancy Service to Design and Deliver a Bioscience Bootcamp for Scientists From Eastern and Central Africa

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Invitation for Bids (IFB)

  1. The Bioresources Innovations Network for Eastern Africa Development (BioInnovate Africa) is a regional biosciences research and innovation initiative established in 2010 with support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It is a regional Programme based at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), and operates in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, and collaborates with partners in South Sudan. The Programme assists these countries to benefit from the revolutionary advances in biosciences, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development.
  2. BioInnovate Africa, through icipe intends to engage the services of a private firm to assist BA Programme Management Office (PMO) in collaboration with BecA-ILRI hub to design and deliver a five (5) day bioscience bootcamp involving early-to-mid career scientists based at universities, research organizations and firms within and beyond the networks of BA and BecA-ILRI hub. The aim of the bioscience bootcamp is to enable scientists to prepare and/or package their innovative and commercially viable biological based ideas and research outputs for potential investments. Qualifying teams will gain skills and improve their capacity to develop competitive proposals in response to BA or other similar calls for innovation projects. Find attached Terms of Reference (TOR) for more details here:
  3. BioInnovate Africa now invites interested private firms who are able to demonstrate technical capability to provide the above-mentioned service.
  4. Interested private firms should provide:
    1. Detailed cover letter on the Firms letter head expressing interest in this assignment, including full contact details (name, tel. e-mail, website), and physical address, signed by an authorised representative.
    2. Copy of the firm’s Certificate of Incorporation and PIN certificate.
    3. The firm’s profile detailing the core business and attach organization chart.
    4. Evidence of the firms experience (within the last three (3) years) in handling similar assignments as icipe is seeking. The firm must demonstrate the ability to manage a call and selection process and share some examples of success stories from previously conducted science-related bootcamp activities.
    5. Evidence of the key technical staff practical hands-on experience (over 3 years) in preparing, facilitating and executing bioscience bootcamps. Attach CVs of key technical staff who will deliver the project, clearly indicating technical skills, academic qualifications and years of experience.
    6. The firm should have good working knowledge of BioInnovate Africa mission and objectives including nature and type of sustainable innovation projects.
    7. A competitive and detailed cost breakdown (in US$) to perform the assignment, including all the chargeable taxes.
  5. Completed proposals must be submitted in hard copy through the icipe Tender Box on or before 11:00 hours East Africa Time on 22nd March 2021. The submissions should be sent to the address below and clearly marked: ‘Invitation for Bids – Provision of consultancy service to design and deliver a bioscience bootcamp for scientists from Eastern and Central Africa. Late submissions will be rejected.

Procurement Manager
icipe Duduville campus, Carroll Wilson Building, Off Thika Road, Kasarani
P.O. Box 30772-00100, NAIROBI, KENYA

Any questions and/or clarifications can be sent to: