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Valine Moraa

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Communications Officer

Valine is a communication specialist with over a decade of experience working across diverse sectors including mainstream media, government, private sector, and NGOs in Africa. Currently, she manages communications and media at BioInnovate Africa, icipe. Her expertise encompasses writing and editing a spectrum of materials from hard and soft news, communication strategies and reports, managing social media platforms, and producing multimedia content including photography and videography. Ms. Moraa’s passion lies in leveraging communication as a tool for behavioral and social change, particularly in areas such as bioscience research and innovation, gender equality, human rights, and civic education. Her interest is to engage with both at-risk individuals and change makers and tell their stories to empower, uplift, and transform communities to develop. Ms. Moraa is currently pursuing her Master of Art in Communication Studies with a concentration on Communication for Development, at United States International University (USIU) – Africa.