Gender Integration and innovation: working with communities to build a more inclusive future

The BioInnovate Africa Programme, in partnership with Penn State University (USA) hosted a Gender Integration Workshop in Addis Ababa Ethiopia (10 – 12 October 2018).

The theme of the workshop was ‘Gender Integration and innovation: working with communities to build a more inclusive future’. The objective of this three-day workshop was to equip African professionals with knowledge and skills, on how to integrate gender issues in biophysical science and innovation projects, while respecting and appreciating the cultural norms of the different stakeholders.

The workshop was attended by 51 participants from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. They comprised of the BioInnovate Africa Project Teams in cohort 1 and 2, twelve fellows from the pioneer cohort of BioInnovate Africa Women Fellowship, and BioInnovate Africa and icipe staff from both Kenya and Ethiopia.

The workshop was officially opened by Dr Shumete Gizaw,  State Minister of Science and Technology  in the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The Minister acknowledged the diversified and pragmatic approach of BioInnovate and the conversion of research into everyday products and services. He highlighted that women represent 50% of the world’s human resources and enhancing their capability and developing their capacities will benefit institutions and the national economies. Gender integration is more than a goal. It is a prerequisite for meeting the challenges that are inherent in the society, promoting good governance and sustainable development for Eastern Africa.

The BioInnovate Africa Fellowship for Women Scientists was officially inaugurated and the first cohort of fellows have now began their fellowships within the BioInnovate projects . The twelve fellows are drawn from different countries in Eastern Africa.

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Pioneer cohort of BioInnovate Africa fellows launched

BioInnovate Africa is excited to welcome our pioneer cohort of female fellows.

As part of the gender responsive strategy, BioInnovate Africa has launched its first Fellowship for Women Scientists during the Gender Integration workshop in Addis Ababa.  This fellowship program aims at increasing the participation of African women in bio-entrepreneurship and bio-innovation projects in eastern Africa.

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BioBusiness Boot camp: From Lab to Market

BioInnovate Africa Programme, based at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), supports scientists to link biobased technologies to business and the market. With nearly 40 private companies and more than 50 universities and research institutes involved, BioInnovate Africa is so far, the largest regional innovation-driven bioeconomy platform in Sub Saharan Africa. Private companies co-develop products together with their university or research institute counterparts, and thus become an important route to commercialized biological based research ideas and inventions. 

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