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Cohort 1

Dr Jenipher Odak, Kenya

Jenipher is a lecturer of organic chemistry at Maseno University in Kisumu, Kenya. She holds a Ph.D in Organic/Analytical Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Natural Products Chemistry both from Maseno University, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biology from Kenyatta University in Kenya. Her research interests cover several aspects across organic chemistry with emphasis on natural products chemistry and antioxidant-rich natural food substances such as cereals and vegetables. She has also published various articles on compounds from natural products origin with antibacterial and antifungal activities, as well as on those that make tea plants (Camellia sinensis) susceptible and tolerant to tea mites. Jenipher has received recognitions to her research career including International Foundations for Science (IFS) research grants. She is a member of the Kenya Chemical Society.

Diana Asero, Uganda

Diana is a teaching assistant, and the acting head of department of agribusiness and extension at the faculty of agriculture and animal sciences in Busitema University, Uganda. She also serves as the chair of the exam malpractices committee and the coordinator of community outreach, gender, HIV/AIDS and cross cutting issues at the faculty. She specialised in Agribusiness Management at the University of Pretoria, while pursuing her Master of Science degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics at Makerere University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness Management. She has interests in projects that are gender responsive and use agriculture to transform lives. She has previously carried out research in fish marketing.

Dr Alice Turinawe, Uganda

Alice is a lecturer in the department of agribusiness and natural resource economics in the college of agricultural and environmental sciences at Makerere University. She is also the director of the agricultural research institute at the university. She holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics and a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics, both from Makerere University. She is involved in research partnerships with a number of local and international organisations and projects, undertaking research in agricultural development interventions and their impact on the welfare of farms and communities, nutrition and food systems, land and property rights, agribusiness value chains, agricultural extension and entrepreneurship in agriculture. She holds various administrative positions at the university including team leader of the Nutrition and Health Research Platform (ANHP) in the department, and chairperson of the scientific committee for the National Agricultural Research Organisation-Makerere University (NARO-MAK) Joint Scientific Conference.

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