Bio-Innovate Program Funds four projects from the Second Call for Concept Notes

In response to the Second Call for Concept Notes on ‘Innovation Incubation and Promotion of Targeted Value Chains and Bio-resources Innovation Policy and Sustainability Analysis in Eastern Africa’, the Bio-Innovate Program received a total of 21 Concept Notes from applicants from the six Bio-Innovate Program participating countries of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Working with Africa’s orphan crops: Sorghum and millet project consortium strives to deliver more adaptable and high yielding varieties resilient to climate change

On 1-3 August 2012, the implementing partners for project consortium 1 on ‘Delivering new sorghum and finger millet innovations for food security and improving livelihoods in eastern Africa’ held its monitoring and review meeting in Eldoret, Kenya to discuss the overall progress, achievements and related challenges in the course of the implementation of the consortium project as well as on how best the project consortium team can utilize the remaining time and resources to execute the planned project activities.

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Bio-Innovate funded bean consortium working towards increasing productivity, value addition and marketing of the bean crop in eastern Africa

The Bio-Innovate Program held a two-day meeting with the project consortium 3 on ‘value added bean technologies for enhancing food security, nutrition, income and resilience to cope with climate change and variability challenges in eastern Africa’ at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) complex in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 27-28 June 2012.

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From wastewater to biogas and clean water: How a project consortium is contributing to climate change mitigation through agro-industrial waste water recycling.

Project consortium 5 on ‘integrated process for sustainable agro-process waste treatment and climate change mitigation in eastern Africa’ is a Bio-Innovate consortium project that aims to integrate agro-industrial wastewater treatment with the production of biogas and bio-fertilizer as well as treated wastewater for enhanced agro-processing industrial and agricultural productivity.

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Project 6 makes strides in diversification and commercialization of sorghum and millet value added products.

As part of the monitoring and review exercise for Bio-Innovate projects conducted between May and October 2012, the Bio-Innovate Program Management Team (PMT) traveled to Kampala, Uganda on 29-30 October to review implementation progress made by project 6 on ‘use of biosciences for value addition and diversification to enhance commercialization of sorghum and millet products in eastern Africa’.

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