Improving lives through
sustainable bioinnovations


Turning noxious tannery waste into biogas and reusable water

Presently it is estimated that less than 10% of industries in Eastern Africa treat their industrial and agro processing waste to any degree. This poses a serious health and environmental challenge to the growing population of the region. Bio-Innovate supported scientists across eastern Africa are working on innovative solutions that treat and convert such wastewaterintoenergy, and bio-fertilizer and re-use of the treated water..

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Delivering clean high yielding sweet potato vines to farmers in Uganda

Sweet potato is the second most important tuber crop in Uganda and haspotential to provide food security to many resource poor rural homesteads, and in particular regions that traditionallyhave poor soils and whose weather partners have become erratic ostensibly due to climate change. Unlike other subsistence crops, it can stay in the ground after maturity for between three to five months, thereby providing food for families for much longer.

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